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Anderson HS Lady Trojan Volleyball Program


What is the Anderson HS Lady Trojan Program?

It is a booster club volunteer-published bound magazine that has:

  • The season schedule.
  • The team rosters.
  • The team pictures.
  • The coaches’ bios.
  • The seniors’ bios
  • Personal messages from family and friends to your player
  • Tons of action photos of every team taken and donated by Jeff Sims Photography.

It represents:

  • Anderson volleyball’s face to the community.
  • The community’s opportunity to support Anderson volleyball and garner advertising to potential customers.
  • A huge moneymaker for us without the hassle of a fundraiser!

 It usually has a theme selected by the seniors; so if you have an idea for a theme, please let a senior know.  We produce it ourselves, so we can keep as much of the money for the Lady Trojans as possible, but it is still a quality full-color publication.

 We ask each player/family to sell at least 3 ads to fill the program.   Those can be personal ads, area businesses, family businesses or all of the above.  One difference this year is that we have already contacted a long list of area businesses by email and are following up with them this week.  An easy way to strike this task off your list is to use our list and pick a few to follow up with—the cold-call has already been made.  Also, if you are responsible for an ad in last year’s program and plan to contact that vendor again, by all means please do!  Just let us know so that we do not overlap.

A personal ad in the program is a great way to show your love and support to your player.  The program itself makes a great keepsake of the season with your team pictures and it is useful for both the schedule and the player’s names and numbers.


About Jeff Sims Photography

Jeff donates general action shots to the program, but his shots are available for purchase online as well, both for your personal ads and for your own personal distribution.  His prices are VERY reasonable.  He also does recruiting videos and many other sports.  Please support Jeff—he has been a great partner to Anderson HS through the years. 

Jeff’s AHS Volleyball SmugMug Page

Jeff will naturally concentrate on those players who have contacted him and who have purchased from him in the past. 

Ad Form

The combined corporate/personal ad form was included in your packet at the first Booster Club meeting.  If you need additional copies, you can find them on our website, on the Forms page.  


Contact Sandy Yeric at

To Whom Will Sandy Pass the Program Torch?

 Do you love working in publishing software?  This will be Sandy’s last year to work on the volleyball season program and it would be IDEAL if we had someone work with her during the production of it.  The program is created using Adobe’s InDesign software.  Sound right up your ally? Have a knack for software design but not familiar with this tool? Sounds intriguing but you are a newbie to it all and willing to learn?  Please contact Sandy at and let her know.  The sooner the better!!