Multiple Teams · Varsity Football falls to Bowie 52-14

Friday, October 27, 2017

7:30 PM

L C Anderson High School

Game Recap

The Anderson Trojans faced off against the Bowie Bulldogs on the first frigid night of the season at Nelson stadium on Friday night October 27th. Halloween weekend found the sidelines with four Trojan mascots and two teams dressed to support breast cancer awareness for a game that ended up with Bowie over Anderson 52-14.


The game was a tough competition finding the Trojans with some injuries as the night wore on. There were some new faces on the defensive involved with the tackling in the middle of the line. Overall it was a game that challenged the players to dig deep and find ways to make plays throughout evening.

First score:

CoyFullmerThroughout the game the Trojans worked the running game. Many of the runs were short gains with the offensive line pulling and blocking to find lanes for the running back. After receiving the kickoff and returning the ball to the thirty, Anderson set up for the drive starting in the I formation.

The Trojan back, lined up on the left, pulled and lead the play to the right, throwing a great cut block on the waiting D-back tracking the play. The running back followed, cutting upfield through the now empty defensive line. The Bowie defensive unit was strung out too far, their safety trying to track but coming up short, the running back outracing everyone up the left side 70 yards for the touchdown.

Second score:
DeanDixonAnderson’s second score started with a series of short runs and passes. Around the forty yard line a sharp pass to the right found an open receiver who raced up the field for a nice long gain to get the Trojans close to the red zone.The Trojans continued to drive with a series of small gains. A receiver broke open and ran towards the end zone, just missing a pass at his finger tips. Undaunted, the Trojans continued the drive into the red zone. A nice slant route across the middle moved the Trojans fifteen yards inside the five.

The scoring run went to the left, lead again by the Trojan back, throwing a great cut block against the outside linebacker, allowing the play to stretch out the line. The fans waited as the running back continued to the left, the wide out throwing a block in the end zone, the running back looking for the right time to cut, and finally rushing into the end zone, scooching in untouched at the marker.

During the kickoff in the second half, the Bulldogs were threatening to bring back the kickoff for a score. Showing the tenacity of each of the players to do their best, the last and lone Trojan defender made an impressive open field tackle to stop the Bowie return man.

Later in the third quarter the defensive effort was highlighted by a great behind the lines tackle. The Anderson linebacker raced around the left side of the line to make a great waist tackle on the running back before he could reach the line.

Anderson’s secondary held Bowie to short passes for most of the game. There were no passes into the end zone by the Bulldogs during the night.


Late in the second quarter the Bulldogs set up on the 48 with first down. Their first play ran two receivers deep across the middle. The secondary came up with a great interception, with the defender keeping tight coverage on the receiver. Once the ball was in the air, the safety gained grown and jumped up in front of the receiver for the INT.

The Trojans started the game with a long drive, eating up five minutes of the clock, with the Trojans showing confidence and gamesmanship starting on the opening drive. Ultimately, the drive ended when a fourth down attempt came up short. Throughout the game the Anderson made first down passes to the receiver corps, with crisp throws across the middle and good routes to get open. The running game was a bruising affair, responsible for both scores for the Trojans.

The offensive line held the Bowie rush in check for most of the night. Battling Bowie throughout the night there were no interceptions thrown by the quarterback and there were no fumbles in the running game.

Box Scores

L C Anderson