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Multiple Teams · Be the voice of your Trojan Volleyball team – Comms Committee slots

Hey Freshman A, Freshman B, JV and Varsity parents! Everyone loves to see their big wins recorded for posterity, and we have lots of Trojan fans that can’t make it to our games. Want to make sure that your team’s scores and news get published on our new website, to share with our community? Sign up to be on the communications subcommittee for your teams!

This is a new initiative and a new website, so we’ll work out the details as we go, but at a minimum, we want you to send your scores/results to the Communications Chair (Marvin Goodman) so that he can keep the website up to date. Ideally, we’d love to have a brief comment or two on the game, to add to our “article” for the night, and some photos when they’re available, but the scores are the most pressing need.

How you can help:

  • Report the results and scores to Marvin (via text, email, Snapchat, Tweet…whatever you like) as quickly as you can after the games end.
  • If you’re not at the game yourself, work out a way to get the info from other parents who are
  • If you want to get ambitious, feel free to submit interesting game notes or quotes from coaches. We can even see about working in player quotes (with their parent’s permission probably) when we gather steam with this effort, and if we get good feedback.
  • If your parents are photo takers, and want to share some game shots, coordinate getting them from them, and uploading them to our shared Dropbox (with some limitations that Marvin will explain and document)

If this sounds like you, or if you want to preempt constant pleading about this from Marvin, send him a note (his name is a link above, and on the Booster Club page) and we’ll swap contact info.